In this recent body of photographic prints, Ellison has selected texture,   

contour and colour to create this visual palette of works. His portraiture of  rock, earth, sand and sea celebrates the natural beauty, elemental structures and character of the Isle of Wight’s diverse coastline.

Jo Hummel-Newell - Quay Arts Centre Exhibition Curator

I have recently help develop and commissioned the first ever set of photographic vitreous enamel panels, using selected digital images from my Coastal Abstraction series.

The ability to produce photographic enamel panels has only recently been developed, and still remains in its infancy. It stretches the limitations of this historical process.

Current size and image resolution is restricted, and some colours are limited by available oxides. It’s a very highly skilled process / pioneering and still has many complications.

Enamel transfers are very hard wearing to abrasion, UV light damage, acid and graffiti. This opens up a lot of new areas in which photography can now be applied, such as the outside environment.



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Photographic Enamel

Set of Nine Coastal Abstraction

Photographic Enamel Panels

Thank you to David Gatrell / David Knight / Mike Forrest / Darren Winter / Kev / and the rest of the team for their assistance in making this project a reality.